Libyan Government Condemns Turkish Bombing of Fuel Tankers and Commodity Trucks – Al Marsad

In a statement today, Saturday, the Libyan government condemned in the strongest terms the bombing of fuel tankers and food commodity trucks by the Turkey-backed ‘terrorist militia gangs’. It asserted that the only fault of these vehicles was that they transport the basic needs from the warehouses in the east to the western and southern regions to help people there.

[Libya, 4 April 2020] – The Libyan government expressed its deep concern on the dangerous terrorist escalation whose only aim is to starve the Libyans to subjugate them, indicating that the Turkish drones targeted a tanker that was transporting gasoline to the western regions of the country. “This attack destroyed the tanker and the trucks that have nothing to do with the military operations in those areas,” stated the Libyan government in its statement.

“The international community, immersed currently in fighting the Coronavirus pandemic, has to pay attention to this rogue State, which has disregarded all UN Security Council resolutions through its incessant terrorist acts, which are more fatal for our people than the coronavirus pandemic is.”

The Libyan government affirmed that, out of its historical responsibility for all the Libyans, it occasionally transports all necessities, such as food, medicine, and fuel for the Libyans in the west and south deprived of these services by “the government of treason and betrayal”, according to the Libyan government.

“We call on all stakeholders to shoulder their responsibilities to ensure non-recurrence of such terrorist acts so that our people in these areas are not exposed to pandemics that are more dangerous than the Coronavirus because of the intransigence of these terrorist gangs and rogue armed groups,” it added.

The government also affirmed, at the end of its statement, it would compensate the owners of the affected vehicles which speedy recovery of those wounded due to the terrorist attack.

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