Misrata Backtracks on Curfew Over Sadiq Gharyani’s Criticism – Al Marsad

In a statement issued Saturday on the curfew, Misrata Municipality reduced the curfew to the Municipality administrative boundaries from 02:00 PM to 07:00 AM starting 4 April 2020.

[Libya, 4 April 2020] – The working hours would be from 09:00 AM to 12:00 PM while the public institutions would continue their services by the minimal number of staff while maintaining social distancing as advised.

All cafés, restaurants, socializing lounges, parks, clubs, schools, and mosques would remain closed around the clock while the suspension of the funerals, weddings, and public transportation would continue.

Excluded from the curfew shall be the public and private institutions providing health and veterinary services; the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management and Response to Coronavirus Pandemic and its subcommittees; fieldwork teams; military institutions and fronts-related entities; gas stations; security, regulatory, and supervisory authorities; Public Electricity Company; Public Cleaning Services Company; Public Water and Sewerage Company; telecommunications companies and their agents and distributors, Misrata Free Zone Port, and press crews and channel correspondents, provided full coordination with the Supreme Committee.

Misrata Municipality called on all citizens not to gather except if extremely necessary, and to adhere strictly to all precautionary procedures and the instructions issued by the competent authorities on curbing the spreads of the coronavirus disease.

It is noteworthy that the radical Islamist cleric Sadiq Al-Gharyani, had criticized the curfew decision in Tripoli and Misrata claiming that municipalities issue such decisions to pressure the government over financial allocations. He claimed that such decisions would backfire lashing out at Misrata Municipality for imposing a complete curfew, a decision he considered ill-advised and would be to the detriment of the battlefronts, as he put it.

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