Sons of Libya Group: Dr. Mahmoud Jibril Worked With Dedication for the Progress and Loftiness of Libya – Al Marsad

In a statement issued today the Sons of Libya group expressed sorrow over the passing away of Dr. Mahmoud Ibrahim Jibril, head of the National Forces Alliance and former head of the executive board of the National Transitional Council and Libya’s war time Prime Minister.

[Libya, 5 April 2020] – Sons of Libya offered their heartfelt condolences to Dr. Jibril’s family, relatives, and friends, and to the entire Libyan people and prayed to God to bestow patience and solace on his family and loved ones.

Dr. Jibril worked with dedication for the progress and loftiness of Libya before and after the revolution, and he was one of the most prominent figures who tried to make Libya better despite the character assassination campaigns that targeted him from the parties hostile to change and democracy, the statement indicated.

There is no doubt that history will mention Dr. Jibril as one of the most prominent Libyans who contributed to changing the course of history and Libyans will always remember him as a fair and highly qualified national figure, added Sons of Libya.

In conclusion the Sons of Libya group prayed to God to accept the deceased into His endless mercy and accept him as a martyr.

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