Zintan Council: Turkish-Backed Ansar Al-Sharia and ISIS Release Hundreds of Terrorists in Surman and Sabratha – Al Marsad

The Zintan Council of Notables confirmed in a statement on Tuesday, that the recent developments in the West of Libyan, in Surman and Sabratha, have resulted in burning, displacement, executions, and encroachment on sanctities and public and private properties in flagrant contravention of war ethics and Islamic and human values.

[Libya, 14 April 2020] – In its statement, the Council said: “Worse still, the gangs released hundreds of criminals, terrorists, thieves, and bandits as well as leaders of Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Ansar Al-Sharia.”

“This is not surprising if the leaders of the attackers include typical terrorists who had fled Benghazi, Derna, and Sirte. Footages had shown them threatening to behead people and burn property. Add to this their bragging and boasting about the outrageous Turkish interference and Erdogan’s supply of various weapons and providing air cover that enabled them to advance with the participation of hundreds of the Syrian mercenaries,” added the Zintan Notables Council.

“In the face of all this, the national forces assert that all of this will make us insist further on supporting the truth and backing our armed forces to liberate Libya from the militias, killers, and criminals. In this way, all the Libyans will live as equal under comprehensive freedom, dignity, and human rights. The loss of a battle does not mean the loss of the war,” concluded Zintan Council of Notables.

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