Aguila Saleh to UN Security Council: Libya Faces Turkish Aggression – Al Marsad

Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives (HOR), Chancellor Aguila Saleh, addressed today both the United Nations Secretary-General and ambassadors of the permanent members of the Security Council, on Libya’s exposure to Turkish military aggression with Turkey’s shelling of Libyan cities from sea and air.

[Libya, 16 April 2020] – In his letter, Chancellor Aguila Saleh made it clear that the brutal Turkish military aggression is not only armed but also takes the form of blatant interference in Libyan internal affairs. He asserted that Turkey sends weapons and mercenaries to tip the terrorist groups, militias, and armed gangs controlling the capital, Tripoli, in the face of the Libyan people and its elected parliament, the sole and legitimate representative of the Libyan people, and their armed forces.

“This happens in full view of the United Nations and its Security Council (UNSC) in flagrant violation of international legitimacy and binding resolutions thus undermining and disregarding the outcomes of the Berlin Conference,” added Saleh.

Chancellor Aguila Saleh emphasized that the elected parliament exercises its terms of reference under the interim constitutional declaration and has the right to demand the UNSC, on behalf of the Libyan people, to implement its resolutions on arms ban and impose a truce to allow all efforts to focus on fighting the coronavirus. Saleh demanded the UNSC to pressure Turkey to stop its outrageous aggression or allow the Libyan armed forces that fight terrorism on behalf of the world to obtain arms and ammunition to defend Libya’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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