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The so-called Sabratha Revolutionary Brigade and Infantry Brigade 48 (also known as the Martyr Anas Al-Dabbashi Brigade) returned to Sabratha with their entire personnel for the first time since October 2017, when the Anti-ISIS Operations Room had expelled them after an operation which had been blessed by Fayez Al-Sarraj, the President of the Presidential Council.

[Libya, 16 April 2020] – Under the command of Major General Omar Abdul-Jalil in 2017, the Anti-ISIS Operations Room had launched a fierce war against both brigades involved in human trafficking, fuel smuggling, and collusion with ISIS and other terrorist organizations. Ahmed Omar Abdel Hamid Al-Dabbashi, nicknamed “Al-Ammo”, or “The Uncle”, was top in the list of accused and wanted fugitives.

Fayez al-Sarraj visits the then Brigadier Abdul Jalil in Sabratha in 2017 after he expelled Al-Ammo’s militias in an operation blessed by the Presidential Council

On 13 April 2020, Al-Ammo returned to Sabratha in an operation blessed by Fayez al-Sarraj himself against the same Anti-ISIS Operations Room led by Major General Abdul-Jalil. Worse still, Al-Ammo and his militants, according to confirmed reports, killed two of Major General Abdul-Jalil’s sons at their homes, Ahmed (17 years old) and Ashraf (22 years old), as acts of revenge. Al-Ammo then appeared in a video yesterday, feigning to be a repentant criminal and calling for the rule of the state and supporting Fayez al-Sarraj’s government.

Prior to this Al-Ammo appeared in one of the photos with two militants from the city of Zawiya. The person one behind Al-Ammo is Mahmoud Bilghaith, a member of the so-called “Libyan Revolutionaries Operations Room”, led by Shabaan Hadiya Al-Makani (also known as Abu Ubaida Al-Zawi) and Ali Mazkour, another militant from Zawiya.

Al-Ammo (left), Mahmoud Bilghaith (behind), and Ali Mazkour (right)

In another photo taken in Al-Mutrad after storming the Western Intelligence headquarters and prison and the release of hundreds of dangerous prisoners, Al-Ammo appeared during the preparations for the storming of Sabratha. The attack on Sabratha took place hours later, followed by a cycle of revenge acts, torching of civilian houses and state buildings, and looting of facilities, including the Security Directorate headquarters—the very same building where Fathi Bashagha assigned a new security director whilst the building was still on fire.

Al-Ammo with a smuggler after storming the Western Investigation Prison

Al-Amou is one of the most notorious sanctioned criminals by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on charges of human trafficking. He is also liable for the deaths of thousands of migrants who drowned in death boats during the period between 2012 and 2017.

The names of Al-Dabbashi, Al-Bija, Al-Qasab, and Mus’ab Abu-Qarin on the UNSC sanctions list

Several international organizations hold Al-Ammo accountable for violations against migrants in a shelter centre he controlled in Sabratha under the pretext of fighting illegal migration. While he was receiving aid from the GNA and Italy, he smuggled the migrants to other traffickers in exchange for money. In November 2018, Al Marsad had published an exclusive recording of what people found in that centre after Al-Ammo fled the city.

Al-Ammo controls a notorious mafia of fuel smugglersl, human traffickers, and organized crime gangs that have returned to control not only Sabratha but also the route from Zawiyah to Ras Ajdir passing through Zuwarah.

The Minister of Justice Mohamed Lamloum, however, claimed that a rebellion in Surman Prison was the cause of the escape of hundreds of prisoners. The footage of the prison break proved otherwise: the prison break was orchestrated and protected by GNA-aligned gangs. The shouts of “Allahu-Akbar” in the video can be clearly heard and it refutes Lamloum’s statement.

Furthermore, the Office of the Public Prosecutor in Tripoli placed Al-Ammo in 2018 on top of the wanted list in Sabratha for human trafficking or smuggling fuel, but also for links with the ISIS, especially the operation organised with a Souq al-Juma group an attack on the Special Deterrence Force Prison at Mitiga Airbase.

List of the wanted by the Public Prosecutor in Sabratha

In October 2017, the Special Deterrence Force accused Al-Ammo of recruiting Sudanese mercenaries to help him fight his way back to Sabratha. However, the same Special Deterrence Force and others fought this week under the cover of Turkish drone strikes and made it possible for Al-Ammo to achieve his aim of returning to Sabratha. He no longer needs the Sudanese mercenaries, which the Special Deterrence Force had accused him of recruiting because he has already found new partners.

Special Deterrence Force had accused Al-Ammo of recruiting mercenaries in 2017 to return to Sabratha after fleeing from the city.

The case of the Minister of Interior, Fathi Bashagha is yet another farcical chapter. Bashagha has always claimed that fighting criminal militias was one of his priorities. For months he made statement after statement in the media promising that he would not rest until they were all arrested. Yet he accused LNA’s “aggression” as the cause for the criminal gangs to reappear, as if they were not already operating in the areas under Bashagha’s control with their armored vehicles and high-profile positions during the last four years of GNA rule.

One of Bashagha’s statements vowing to arrest Bija and other wanted persons

One such criminal who operated openly under Bashagha’s watch was Abd Al-Rahman Al-Miladi (Al-Bija). Bashagha had promised utter devastation against al-Bija, however on Monday al-Bija resurfaced in Sabratha and Surman working with GNA forces and yet he was not arrested.

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