Libyan Foreign Ministry: International Community Must Withdraw Recognition of the GNA – Al Marsad

The Foreign Ministry of the Libyan Government said that the Government of National Accord (GNA) broke with all legal precedent when it called on the Turkish colonizer and its foreign mercenaries and terrorists to unlawfully fight in Libya and occupy it, and blatantly breaching all ceasefire protocols.

[Libya, 16 April 2020] – In its statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) stated that the GNA initiated a treacherous and cowardly attack on secure Libyan cities in the west of the country, committing the worst kind of crimes, murder, arson, looting and displacing innocent people who only want to reclaim their land and freedom. They also initiated detention campaign based on people’s ID cards.

The MFA believes that the GNA’s actions are a form of unjustified vengeance and a clear violation of all accords, laws, humanitarian and international customs. It pointed out that these cities were previously entered by the Libyan National Army with white flags and no bloodshed occurred. The armed forces had been welcomed by the residents who considered the forces their allies and saviours from extremist terrorist groups such as those who arrived Monday fighting alongside the government of traitors known as the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The statement said, “The people’s memory is eternal, and the Libyan people will never forget the day when the countries of the world conspired with its sovereign UN organizations that had already published urgent statements banning the armed forces from moving to liberate the cities from these terrorist groups that have violated the ceasefire and humanitarian laws. Today we see these organizations turn their head on these massacres against our people.”

The MFA also called on the international community, and international and regional organizations, to take responsibility for the suffering that the Libyan people are going through due to the Turkish invasion. It demanded the condemnation of this aggression and to withdraw recognition of the “unlawful” GNA that is taking advantage of international recognition that it enjoys in order to serve the needs of Erdogan and his dreams to bring back Ottoman rule in Libya specifically and in the region in general.

The Ministry asserted to the Libyan people that the cause of the Parliament, Libyan Government and the armed forces is a just and lawful cause to reclaim their nation and its sovereignty, and that the war on terrorist groups will not end until a state of law and institutions is established.

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