Mangoush: Forces that Attacked Sabratha and Surman are Professional and Follow Orders – Al Marsad

Misratan leader and Chief of Staff of GNA’s Ground Forces, Yousef Mangoush said that the operation that was carried out in the western region is very important in terms of shifting power balance and operations on the frontlines.

[Libya, 16 April 2020] – In a programme that aired on Monday on the Islamist Al-Tanasuh TV, which is affiliated to the radical cleric Sadiq al-Gharyani, Yousef Mangoush said that the “liberation of a vast region from west of Zawiya to Ras Ajdir” proved that the forces that carried out the operation professionally, accurately and swiftly with minimum losses. He said their forces are reliable and can be trusted to carry out orders.

These comments by  Mangoush were made as damage control to try to assure the Libyan and international public after reports on the weekend and Monday morning proved that internationally and locally sanctioned criminals and extremists of terrorist groups carried out the attack on Sabratha and Surman, and released over 600 prisoners, and burned down police stations.

He said that the GNA forces were able to carry out the operations and oppressed the “enemy” (Libyan Armed Forces) as they captured regions with minimum losses and maximum gains.

He also asserted that this operation is part of a bigger operation that the Burkan al-Ghadab force have started, and which is being executed in several stages, each stage with specific objectives, clarifying that the swift collapse of “Haftar Forces” (Libyan Armed Forces) was the inevitable consequence given that it was “a group of scattered militias that are based on a regressive creed and criminals who fled their regions and came together in Haftar-controlled areas” as he claimed.

He continued, “The western region has been liberated, but we will not stop at liberating only some cities, the western region should be fully liberated, especially Nafusa Mountains and Jfara, and most importantly Alwatya airbase. He said that all operations are related because they are meant to fight one enemy, therefore the more wins you have in one front, the more you affect the enemy and cause its gradual collapse, as we are planning for the domino effect.”

He also claimed that, on the military level, the enemy lost their inventory and bases, and have no control or leadership to maneuver, so any attempts to return to previously controlled areas must be blocked. 

He said that, during securing of the liberated areas, support of “rebels” may be employed, those who participated in liberating the areas and are aware of the areas and the people there who have joined Haftar (Commander of the Libyan National Army), and know the entrances to these areas and how to secure them.

He also pointed out that some sons of police and army members did not participate in the operation but they are technicians who can be useful in providing security to all residents of the areas.

Mangoush demanded that the “Burkan al Ghadab” armed forces and leaders of Operation Peace Storm, or the collaborative operation between Turkey and GNA forces, call on all fighters to be disciplined and refrain from breaking laws, offence against property, or carry out retaliatory operations. Mangoush did not, however, address the house burnings and killings that took place in Sabratha and Surman as well as the burning down of police stations, all of which were committed by Mangoush’s forces.

On the city of Tarhouna he said, “We should resume the operation to liberate the western region under the mountains, and the region will only be fully liberated after seizing Jfara base peacefully or forcefully, but it should happen as soon as possible. There are some focal points in the western mountain that can be a sanctuary for the area’s militias that they can retreat to. As al-Juwaili said, the forces would be pushed out of these areas, and if the residents could push them out, the objective will be achieved, “but if the residents take them in, these regions will have to be captured and the forces obliterated.”

In conclusion, he said that Tarhouna was a main target, but there are other targets of higher priority. He said that focus must be on Tarhouna and Qasr bin Ghashir, and all lifelines to these places must be cut, as that will help the GNA forces, and the “enemy” must be exhausted and forces must take full air control and attack leader centers, communication centers, and other important points.

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