Tarhouna Tribal Leaders to Mishri: Our City Remains Insurmountable and a Symbol of Libyan Resistance – Al Marsad

The Council of Sheikhs and Tribal Notables of Tarhouna denounced  the claims made by the Islamist Khaled Al-Mishri, the Head of the Consultative High Council of State and member of the Justice and Construction Party, that the Government of National Accord (GNA) militias would liberate Tarhouna by Ramadan.

[Libya, 16 April 2020] – In its statement issued on Wednesday, the Council of Sheikhs and Tribal Notables of Tarhouna said: “The tribes of Tarhouna do not fear death; their only aim is how to undertake the national duty of defending our land, honor, and sanctities. Our support of the Libyan Armed Forces has never been a matter of politics or narrow interests. We have been backing our army since its inception.”

“The history of Libyan resistance (jihad) testifies to the steadfastness and resilience of the Tarhouna tribes. They opposed the NATO intervention in Libya in 2011, which destroyed our army and our institutions and made Libya a hotbed of terrorism and financial and moral corruption due to the legitimization of the militia rule,” said the tribal council.

“The so-called High Council of State, led by Erdogan’s slave Al-Mishri, is the den of the Muslim Brotherhood. It has been a tool for drafting the laws of injustice, exclusion, and invasion of the Libyan cities. It is not strange for the head slave of such a traitorous entity to declare it would celebrate in Tarhouna, implying its invasion and destruction, as they did in Tawergha, Bani Walid, Warshefana, Gharyan, Sabratha, Surman and Zlitan.”

“All Libyans have known how you miscreants celebrate when you invade the Libyan cities: slaughter, assassinations, burning of houses, looting of the country’s institutions, and hanging of ISIS flags,” indicated the statement.

The statement emphasized that the tribes of Tarhouna along with all the other Libyan tribes and all members of the armed forces would continue their national mission to regain their true civil state in which the will and dignity of the Libyan people are respected, their institutions are rebuilt, and their political and constitutional rights fulfilled.

The Council of Sheikhs and Tribal Notables of Tarhouna concluded their statement by saying: “By God’s grace and power, then by the will of men, Tarhouna will remain insurmountable as it has always been for Erdogan’s slave and his ISIS gang.”

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