GNA’s Bashagha Refers Khaled al-Tabib to the General Prosecutor on Charges of Misleading Public Opinion – Al Marsad

Interior Minister of the Tripoli-based Government of the National Accord, the GNA, Fathi Bashagha called on the director of the Tripoli Security Directorate to run an investigation on Khaled al-Tabib, a former media official in the parallel government of Khalifa al-Ghawil.

[Libya, 18 April 2020 – In a letter sent by Fathi Bashagha’s office manager to the Director of Tripoli Security Directorate on 15 March 2020, Bashagha said that Khaled al-Tabib had published on his facebook personal profile a copy of a document signed by the Interior Ministry’s Financial Department Director. Al-Tabib alleged that the GNA’s Interior Ministry had sent money to Al-Faiah Company, claiming that the company was suspect and was linked to corruption.

“Because his claim is null and void as no money has been given to the company, it’s all about his allegations. This above-mentioned company is owned by the Social Welfare Fund of the Interior Ministry. It is not a private company as he claimed,’ stated Bashagha in his letter.

Fathi Bashaga’s message through his office manager to the director of the Tripoli Security Directorate to investigate Khaled al-Tabib

Bashagha accused al-Tabib of posting a fabricated video clip showing a person whose facial features were hidden; wearing police clothes and alleging to being a first lieutenant to provoke the Interior Ministry’s employees, and misleading public opinion in several areas of security.

According to his letter, Bashagha directed his instructions to the Director of Tripoli Security to investigate the incident, false allegations and mislead public opinion, as well as publish an official document. He also demanded to investigate how an official document had been obtained by others.

Bashagha vowed to take the necessary legal action in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Law and criminally follow it up and refer it to the Public Prosecution in accordance with spatial jurisdiction.

It is worth noting that Bashagha has taken the same action with Nasser Ammar, commander of the supporting force in Tripoli, on charges of plagiarizing the page, and with Lieutenant Mustafa Khalil who was accused of impersonating a colonel in the Libyan national army.

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