Al-Mismari: Turkey and Al-Qaeda Are Behind Militias Everywhere In Libya – Al Marsad

The official spokesperson of the Libyan Armed Forces Major General Ahmed al-Mismari confirmed on Sunday that Turkey is mobilizing military personnel and equipment to carry out attacks on Tarhouna city.

[Libya, 21 April 2020] – In a press conference late Sunday, Al-Mismari noted that the Libyan National Army (LNA), revealed Turkish moves to mobilize elements for the purpose of carrying out an attack on Tarhouna city before the official start of the attack, according to the Russian News Agency Sputnik.

Al-Mismari indicated that Ankara exploited the crisis of coronavirus pandemic and the ceasefire so as to transfer mercenaries and equipment to Tripoli, Misrata and Zuwara to carry out terrorist attacks.

He added that Turkey and the Al-Qaeda are the ones that move the militias in all regions of Libya, disclosing that there is a Turkish field command in the south-western regions.

Moreover, he said that equipment transferred by Turkey to the region included reconnaissance aircraft, jamming aircraft, and fighter aircraft, noting that the LNA continues to clear militants from the southwestern areas along the Chadian border.

He also revealed that a group of drones had been shot down in the recent attack on Sabratah in addition to the arrest of dozens of prisoners and confiscation of equipment left by the militants after they had escaped from the battlefield.

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