Covering Corruption: Sweihli Accuses Mishri and Shakshak of Obstructing International Audit of Central Bank – Al Marsad

Former Chairman of the advisory High Council of State Abdulrahman al-Sweihli renewed his attack on his predecessor Khaled al-Mishri and the chairman of the Audit Bureau in Tripoli Khaled Shakshak, two leading figures of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party.

[Libya, 22 April 2020] – Abdulrahman al-Sweihli’s attack was expressed as a comment on a letter sent by Khaled al-Mishri to the UN delegation in which he backed Khaled Shakshak’s demands to refrain from conducting an international audit on expenditure.

Al-Suwaihli accused al-Mishri of conspiring with his fellow Justice and Construction Party member Shakshak.

“Failure of the audit authorities and their selectivity led to a request for independent external audit of the Central Bank’s transactions, and Shakshak is using sovereignty to prevent that”, he said.

He also added that Shakshak demanded to oversee the process, due to the Bureau’s involvement in corruption and fraud that will be uncovered by the international audit which the UN has been planning for over a year now.

“Had Shakshak been qualified for this task, there would not have been any need to request an international audit. The Audit Bureau must undergo the international audit, which will unveil the fraud and the size of concealment of corruption”, he concluded.

Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of UNSMIL Stephanie Williams accused the Audit Bureau in Tripoli of obstructing the international audit of transactions by the Central Bank of Libya which was announced by the UN in 2018. 

In a statement to Bloomberg News on 10 April, Williams said that the negotiations led by the UN to resolve the conflict in Libya have led to a ceasefire last February. She added that the ceasefire agreement has not yet been authenticated, as well as an agreement that dictates the commencement of economic reforms which could have included an agreement to distribute oil returns by the Central Bank of Libya in Tripoli.

Williams accused the Bureau of hindering the international audit of all banks of the Central Bank of Libya, saying, “The Bureau is now standing in the way of a process that aims to increase transparency and accountability.” She also pointed out that audit was to allow the Bureau to regain its rightful position.

“There is a crisis surrounding legitimacy and surrounding authority and resource accessibility”, she added.

Additionally, the chairman of the Presidential Fayez al-Sarraj pointed out in his latest televised speech the obstruction that the Bureau is committing, adding that he understood the legal agenda behind it which the Bureau is using and led by Khaled Shakshak of the Justice and Construction party, who is no longer in power.

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