Military Expert: GNA Will Facilitate Smuggling of Weapons and Mercenaries in Coastal Cities – Al Marsad

Military expert, Brigadier Sharaf Ed-Din al-Alwani, warned of the dangerous conditions in the cities that Government of the National Accord, the GNA, had seized as it is likely that they may be used for facilitating the smuggling of weapons and mercenaries into Libyan territories.

[Libya, 21 April 2020] – “The coastal strip from Tripoli to the borders of Tunisia has come under the grip of these militias and their affiliates who belong to extremist groups. This development will facilitate their mission to smuggle weapons and mercenaries into Libya,” Al-Alwani, a former Brigadier of the Libyan National Army, told the London-based newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat on Tuesday.

The military expert said that the extremist groups will be able to restore their activity in human smuggling, illegal immigration and theft of oil and Libyan fuel and smuggling them abroad, noting that the city of Zawiya, east of Sabrata and Surman, is home to one of the largest oil refineries.

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