Wirfalla Tribes in the South: We Support the Army in its War Against Militias and the Turkish Invasion – Al Marsad

The Social Council of the Wirfalla Tribes in the Southern Region announced in a statement on Wednesday its rejection for any suspicious meetings with those who have caused “bloodshed and violations”.

[Libya, 22 April 2020] – “We warn against the use of these unethical approaches to influence the Tribe’s clear position to stand on the side of the country and the Libyan Army, as it offers martyrs in the name of the country and its sovereignty and freedom”, the Social Council said in its statement.

The Council emphasized its fullest support to the armed forces, demanding to unite the front across all regions of the country during this phase of Libyan history which it said must be written with the sacrifices of the martyrs.

The statement pointed out that the Wirfalla Tribe stood by its brothers, the Tarhouna Tribe, to defend the country hand in hand, and to protect its lands and maintain its sovereignty. 

The Council also emphasized the importance of unifying all fronts and to gather around a national programme that, first and foremost, supports the army in its war against militias and the Turkish invasion and its threat to the sovereignty of Libya.

“We emphasize that the Wirfalla tribe has never, throughout its history, fail its country. It will stand in the way of threats to preserve the country’s dignity and sovereignty”, the Council added.

The Social Council of the Wirfalla Tribes also supported the statements issued by the councils of the tribe in Bani Walid and Benghazi that reject any meetings with those who have caused destruction and bloodshed among the Libyans regardless of their excuse or justification.

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