Gharyani: Some Prisoners Freed from RADA Prisons Headed to the Frontlines in Tripoli, Some Were Martyred – Al Marsad

Radical Islamist cleric Sadiq Al-Gharyani in a speech addressed to the Government of National Accord (GNA)’s militants present in frontlines, urged them not to compromise their rights and the fighting while their “hands are on the trigger”, in reference to their presence at the battlefields.

[Libya, 24 April 2020] – Ghariani is listed on the terrorism list in the Gulf states and Egypt. In exclusive statements to Al-Islam Wel Hayat programme broadcast on the Islamist Al-Tanasoh satellite channel yesterday, Ghariani noted that those fighters in the frontline axes deserve to be appreciated, and the fighters should take an opportunity to know their duties from their commanding officers.

“I ask those who are concerned to speak. Some of those who are in charge do not tell people the truth and they mislead them. Some claimed that there is a lack of distribution fairness, alleging that some axes need support. Direct the officials, especially commanders in al-Wastah, Tripoli and the Western region, to frequently pay visits to the fighters in the axes because they are in charge of them. They have to make sure that no one dies due to lack of ammunition, chaos or failure in fairness of distribution of supplies,” he added.

He also stressed that some commanders have failed to perform their duties because many regions witness complaints that their commanders do not follow up on issues.

“The fighters in different axes should not be silent about their rights and they should not be blamed. They should have a representative who work on clarifying the facts in order to ensure that all the fronts are working efficiently.”

He also added, “the Special Deterrence Forces have many prisoners locked in prisons. We asked the government to investigate these prisoners’ cases. Those who are innocent should be set free. I wonder why they must suffer such cruelty?”.

“Those who were freed last week from the prisons of the Special Deterrence Forces headed directly to fight in the frontlines. Some were killed during battles. I wonder why such innocent persons are imprisoned. Commanders in the battlefield should take care of such fighters and do not let them to become pawns for politicians,” added Gharyani.

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