Al-Duwiri: Egypt Supports the Libyan Army in its Efforts to Stabilize Libya – Al Marsad

Major General Mohamed Al-Duwiri, defence expert and Deputy Director-General of the Egyptian Centre for Thought and Strategic Studies, said that Libya was critical for Egyptian national security and that Egypt dealt with Libya based on this principle.

[Libya, 24 April 2020] – According to Al-Duwiri, Egypt follows up the situation carefully and meticulously, takes calculated moves, and intervenes effectively whenever necessary.”

During his interview on Al-Tasi’ah show on Egyptian television, quoted in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustour on Thursday, Al-Duwiri indicated that in light of the developments and deterioration of the situation in Libya, that it was important to express the Egyptian point of view: “Egypt spares no effort to stabilize Libya and help the Libyan people establish a national state that would regain its regional status, territorial integrity, and undisputed sovereignty.”

Mohamed Al-Duwiri pointed out that all foreign interventions in Libya have affected Libya negatively, stressing that Egypt supports the Libyan army which is fighting terrorists and mercenaries. He also reiterated the importance of implementing all the resolutions related to the arms embargo on Libya.

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