Al-Mirash: Turkey’s Insistence on Sending Syrian Mercenaries to Libya Must End – Al Marsad

Political analyst Kamel Al-Mirash said that yesterday’s speech Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, was extremely important and had three key implications

[Libya, 24 April 2020] – According to Kamel Al-Mirash in a statement to the Russian agency Sputnik today, Friday, the first implication from Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s speech is that there is no longer room to talk about the Skhirat Agreement and the Government of National Accord (GNA) that resulted from it. This ends all the efforts made in Geneva and other venues, especially after direct Turkish intervention in the Libyan conflict and Turkey’s insistence on sending military equipment and mercenaries to fight the army.

The second implication is the failure of all political parties that emerged after 2011. “The Libyan political, economic, social, or health domains currently suffer corruption and deterioration,” asserted al-Mirash.

The third implication, argued the political analyst, is that it is no longer feasible or even tenable to deal with the present political figures or allow them to manage public affairs in Libya, especially the resources of the Libyan people. Therefore the Army’s victory in Tripoli was essential and would prevent any political vacuum, according to al-Mirash.

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