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Fayez Al-Sarraj’s envoy to the Arab Maghreb countries, Guma El-Gamaty claimed that the nomination of Mauritanian Foreign Minister Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed to succeed Ghassan Salamé is likely due to the lobbying of regional countries at the United Nations in coordination with France, and other countries, who rejected the Algerian candidate Ramtane Lamamra.

[Libya, 26 April 2020] – During a special coverage on Libya Al-Ahrar channel broadcast from Turkey and funded by Qatar on Saturday, Guma El-Gamaty indicated that the nomination of the Mauritanian foreign minister is under the pretext of African Union pressure and demand that the next Secretary-General’s envoy to Libya be from Africa.

“It is unfortunate that Mauritania is an economically weak country and has been subject to great Italian pressure in the past weeks. Besides, regional countries offered Mauritania investments worth US$ 2 billion dollars and asked to establish a military base there. When we contacted the Algerian brothers and other parties, they confirmed the attempts of these countries to penetrate Mauritania, but they assured us that the Mauritanian government has not decided on the issue of the military base,” added the GNA envoy to the Arab Maghreb countries.

Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, Foreign Minister of Mauritania

Guma El-Gamaty claimed that a Mauritanian candidate would not be neutral and fair and would be under the influence of regional states and France. He also commented that it was nothing new for the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to demand a ceasefire because it was part of its duties.

“The European Union’s joint call with France, Germany, and Italy, is just to record a position. They realize that such calls are too late and would not gain any positive response. They said they issued that call to support the position of the UN Secretary-General who called for a global ceasefire. Our simple response to these calls is: where have you been for more than a year during which Haftar was attacking Tripoli every day, killing civilians and children, and destroying homes and hospitals?” asked Guma El-Gamaty in his denunciation.

He noted that the presence of France in any initiative or call always makes it suspicious, especially today because of its support for Field Marshal Haftar. “It seeks to legalize him in the world when it noticed the defeats and collapse of his militias (the Libyan Armed Forces) over the recent weeks. It is sparing no effort to save its ally in Libya and preserve some locations for him. This caused the urgent calls for a ceasefire,” he argued.

Guma El-Gamaty demanded that ceasefire calls and initiatives be disregarded, arguing that the only party that orders a ceasefire is the Security Council, which must determine the practical mechanisms for implementing and imposing it, including sending perhaps international forces

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