Zintan Council Authorizes the LNA to Restore Security to Return Libya to the Democratic Path – Al Marsad

The Zintan Council of Notables announced on Saturday that they authorize the Libyan armed forces to take charge of the country’s affairs, enforce laws to restore citizens’ reassurance, restore state prestige, and take measures to return to the democratic path.

[Libya, 26 April 2020] – The Zintan Council of Notables requested the Libyan armed forces to prepare a constitution for the country agreed upon by Libyans and to hold the parliamentary and presidential elections through which all components of the Libyan people would exercise their right to expression and contribute to building Libya for all and by all.

The Zintan Council of Notables pointed out that this mandate does not clone military rule as much as it is a last-ditch effort to save the country from wars and conflicts and to stop the terrorism and foreign interference it has been exposed to for nearly a decade.

They also stressed that the public interest necessitates this position that comes after the failure of the Skhirat Political Agreement whose godfathers allied with the militias and opened Libya for the return of the colonists to steal its wealth.

“These actions disregard the sanctity of the blood of the martyrs blood who sacrificed their lives for the sake of a free and independent Libya,” stated the Council demanding Libyans inside and outside the country to work together to topple the Presidential Council and withdraw their recognition.

The Council concluded that it hopes all cities and segments of the Libyan society support this movement  to save the present and the future of the country.

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