Ghannouchi: The Solution to the Libyan Situation Can Only Be a Political One – Al Marsad

Tunisian Speaker of Parliament and leader of Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennahda Party Rachid al-Ghannouchi, said that events are escalating in Libya, while Tunisia was hoping that Libya would face the coronavirus pandemic as a united front.

[Libya, 28 April2020] – In an interview with the Qatari Arabi21, the Islamist leader Rachid Ghannouchi pointed out that the situation in Libya is controlled by international and regional agendas, and that if all forces united to reach a political resolution, they would be able to accomplish peace.

“The relations between Tunisia and Libya are profound and fundamental. Around one third of the Libyan population lives in Tunisia as tourists, visitors, or residents. We welcome our Libyan brothers in our country and Tunisia is working on different levels to reach a final resolution, and it can only be a political resolution”, he added.

He also stressed that they are not aiming to deepen the Libyan conflict, but to meet with them and provide needed counsel that will help them reach a final resolution, which can only be through political decisions.

Speaking about coordination with Libya’s neighbouring countries, he said: “We are communicating with our brothers in Algeria and we agree on a vision. We encourage Libya to adopt the resolution suggested by its neighbouring countries which is aligned with the conclusions of international institutions.”

Ghannouchi noted that the Tunisian parliament had planned to host a session for the Arab Maghreb Legislative Council that was to be attended by speakers of parliaments, and that the agenda included the Libyan situation, but that the meeting was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He stressed that they are closely monitoring the Libyan situation, and said that he believes that the Libyan state and people need support ending the conflict.


However, many Tunisian figures caution Tunisian involvement in Libya, particularly Ghannouchi’s. Last week the Tunisian member of parliament Mabrouk Korchid of the Tahya Tounes party warned the country of the consequences of getting involved in the Turkey conspiracy in Libya.

He said: “Ankara is the source of destruction and escalation in Libya and the Middle East”. He said that Turkish intervention did not help bring about peace in the region for the last eight years.

In his speech, the MP accused the Turkish regime of sending armed mercenaries into Libya to shed Libyan blood and fuel a civil war in the Arab region.

“Fayez al-Sarraj’s government lacks legitimacy and includes armed terrorist militias”, stressed Korchid, calling on Tunisian diplomacy to deal rationally with the developments in the Libyan situation and to avoid getting involved in any Turkish strategies and conspiracies that destabilises Libya.

Additionally, Tunisian lawyer and political activist Farid Aliya called the parliament to interrogate the Minister of Transportation Anwar Maarouf on the suspected objectives of Turkish aircrafts and their role in the military supplies sent to armed groups in the west of Libya.

Farid Aliya said it is likely that the aircrafts owned by the Libyan terrorist and leader Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Abdelhakim Belhaj, are carrying terrorists and mercenaries promised to the Fayez al-Sarraj government by Erdogan.,

He also accused the Tunisian Minister of Transportation Anwar Maarouf, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennahdha movement, of serving the agenda of the speaker of parliament, Rachid Ghannoushi and his party rather than the interests of the Tunisian government.

The Tunisian lawyer said that these operations that are being carried out under the orders of the speaker of parliament and Ennahdha Islamic party leader Rachid Ghannouchi, aiming to shift powers in Libya and faze the Tunisian National Security Council headed by the President of Tunisia Kais Saied.

Abir Moussa, the Head of the Tunisian Free Constitutional Party, also added her voice to the debate. She accused Rachid Ghannouchi, the Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament and the Head of the Islamist Ennahdha Movement of converting the Parliament into a clandestine organization and a centre to serve the goals of the transnational organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya since he took office 7 months ago.

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