Lavrov: Libya has Become Terra Nullius for Terrorists, Smugglers, and Human Traffickers – Al Marsad

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov confirmed on Monday, that Russia remains committed to settling the conflict in Libya and searching for ways to get it out of its crisis.

[Libya, 28 April 2020] – In a lecture to the students of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Russian Foreign Ministry via video conferencing, the Russian Sputnik News Agency, Lavrov quoted Lavrov saying: “We will strive to find ways to get [Libya] out of the deep crisis that engulfed this country after NATO forces flagrantly violated the Security Council resolution and bombed Libya in 2011. They demolished this country for the sake of a narrow-minded selfish goal of toppling Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.”

He considered that Libya has become a terra nullius for terrorists, for passage and smuggling of weapons and drugs towards the south as well as conducting other criminal activities, On the one hand, and illegal immigrants flock through these same lands northward on their way to Europe, on the other.

He added, “Therefore, all stakeholders are exerting efforts to rectify the consequences of this adventure launched by NATO in 2011. We will strive to achieve this in a bid to help Libya.”

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