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The President of Justice and Building Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Libya, Mohamed Sawan said that the experience of the government throughout the past years did not assure the Libyans of their political future because it could not contain the crisis.

[Libya, 28 April 2020] – In exclusive statements to Panorama Libya satellite channel on Monday, Sawan indicated that there is currently a state of depression and a popular anger at the incumbent institutions, adding that the current situation may create an opportunity to rebuild the political scene so the Libyan people can regain confidence.

“It is not acceptable that the Presidential Council remains without a mechanism for change. It is not acceptable that the Presidential Council continues receiving salaries along with other institutions without performing their necessary duties. The House of Representatives and the High Council of State are not subject to the Presidential Council’s authority,” he added.

“Both, the House of representatives and the High Council of State, should unite so as to restore some of the people’s trust and the entire globe’s too. Perhaps this may lead to amend or change the Presidential Council of State,” he stressed.

Regarding the latest declaration of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the General Commander of the Libyan National Army, Sawan believed that Haftar’s move is useless and had no affect on regions fighting against him, but it may affect other regions that he seeks to control.

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