Sebha Elders: Tragic Conditions and Shortage of Food Supplies and Fuel in Areas Besieged by GNA Militias – Al Marsad

One of the leading elders of the city of Sebha, AbdulNasser Muayqil, said that the areas taken by the militias of the expired Government of National Accord (GNA) are living in tragic conditions due to shortage of food supplies and fuel.

[Libya, 28 April 2020] – In a statement to Al Ain News on Monday, AbdulNasser Muayqil explained that Sebha, like other besieged cities, are blocked from food supplies and products arriving from areas liberated from the Turkish colonizer.

He said that the siege imposed by GNA militias created high inflation, and the price of fuel was previously 15 qirsh per litre but now has risen to 2 Dinars per litre in the black market.

Muayqil noted that the hardship that the people of the south are suffering from is caused by the head of the Presidential Council, Fayez al-Sarraj who sold his country and people to the Turkish colonization project. “But we will not surrender,” said Muayqil.

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