Williams: Turkish Frigates Accompanied Arms Cargo Ship to Tripoli Just After Berlin Summit – Al Marsad

The United Nations Acting Special Envoy for Libya, Stephanie Williams, expected that with the continuation of the coronavirus pandemic, the parties to the Libyan conflict would respond positively to the calls for a ceasefire. She noted that although the situation in Libya has reached rock bottom, disregarding these calls, however, would lead to an even worse situation.

[Libya, 28 April 2020] – Stephanie Williams in a statement to DW, the German news agency, on Monday, added: “It became clear that those who attended the Berlin Conference never intended to abide by their pledge to monitor the arms embargo. According to a BBC report, just five days after the Conference, a cargo ship set off Turkey loaded with weapons to Tripoli accompanied by two Turkish frigates.”

“What was previously a civil war in Libya has now turned into a war by proxy, just as it is in Syria and Yemen, on behalf of outside powers,” Williams said.

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