Salah Badi: We Will Arrest Tobruk Parliament Members if They Enter Tripoli – Al Marsad

The MIsratan commander of Al-Samoud Brigade and UN-sanctioned, Salah Badi, warned the “heroes and youth of the Volcano of Anger Operation” not to receive Tobruk members of House of Representatives in Tripoli, warning that the MPs will be arrested immediately upon arrival to Tripoli.

[Libya, 29 April 2020] – In a statement issued by Al-Samoud Brigade, the UN-sanctioned Badi who is aligned to the Government of National Accord (GNA) said that the members of the House of Representatives in Tobruk will be arrested if they return back to Tripoli on charges of “betraying the capital Tripoli and backing a Chadian detainee [Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar] who was engaging in a war against cities in the west of Libya,” according to his statement.

He also accused the members of Parliament in Tobruk of complicity in the bloodshed of his fighters and for sharing intelligence with foreign countries. He further alleged that those parliamentarians were involved in the displacement of civilians and destruction of their home south of Tripoli, in addition to causing psychological problems for the displaced and the fighters and terrorizing children and women.

Salah Badi, a key member of Operation Fajr Libya that invaded Tripoli in 2014 and led to coup that followed and responsible for destroying Tripoli’s airport twice over, added that “Any attempt and lie about what is known as weakening the Haftar’s Front (Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Hafter) is categorically rejected, noting that the Brigade will not tolerate this matter.


“This is a notification for everyone and to who will tolerate them,” said the statement,

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