Ajdabiya Operations Force: Army Repulsed Attack by Turkish-Backed Militias at Project and Airport Road Axes – Al Marsad

Aqila Al-Saber, a member of the Military Media Division, confirmed that the armed forces repelled a failed attack by the Turkish-backed militias on Tuesday at the Project and Airport Road Axes.

[Libya, 29 April 2020] – Al-Saber told Al-Ain News that the armed forces destroyed several militia materiel, eliminated several militiamen, and removed 3 bodies left by the militias after their escape.

He revealed that militia casualties exceeded 9 and more than 16 wounded, including 6 critical cases at the Project Axis.

“During operations that exceeded 24 hours, the militias failed to control a single position along the line of contact. The situation in the axes of the capital Tripoli remains under full control despite the reinforcements deployed by the militias,” stressed Al-Saber.

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