Arab Parliament Calls for Urgent UN Action to Prevent Turkey From Sending Foreign Fighters to Libya – Al Marsad

The President of the Arab Parliament, Mishaal Al-Salami, welcomed the suspension of all military operations upon the announcement made by the Libyan National Army in response to the international community’s calls for an immediate suspension to the fighting.

[Libya, 1 may 2020] – In a statement published on Thursday, the President of the Arab Parliament Mishaal Al-Salami called on all the parties concerned in Libya to abide by the ceasefire and reach a humanitarian truce during the holy month of Ramadan. He said that these measures would help create a chance to reach a ceasefire agreement and prepare for a comprehensive political settlement to resolve the current crisis.

He believed that the political settlement is the only way to empower Libya to end the transitional stage, maintain security and stability and guarantee the full sovereignty, unity of territories and safety of its citizens.

The Arab Parliament’s president stressed that the foreign intervention into Libyan domestic affairs must stop and the warring parties must stop fighting. He demanding Turkey to commit to the UN resolutions on the arms supplies embargo to Libya and to stop sending foreign fighters to the Libyan territory.

Moreover, al-Salami called on the UN to take urgent action  to stop all forms of intervention and facilitation of sending foreign fighters to Libya, urging the International body to establish a clear mechanism to monitor and determine penalties against parties supplying the warring parties with weapons.

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