Qatar: We Reject Haftar’s Declaration Because It Is a Coup on Legitimacy – Al Marsad

Qatar said it rejects the announcement made by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army, where he accepts the popular mandate from Libyans, alleging that Haftar’s action only aims to dominate the rule of Libya, according to a statement issued on Wednesday by the Qatari Foreign Ministry.

[Libya, 30 April 2020] – “Haftar’s announcement is a new confirmation that he seeks a coup against the international legitimacy and the Libyan national consensus, and underestimating the international community which has not taken any action against his crimes committed against the Libyan brotherly people including the aggression on Tripoli last year,” read the statement published on the official website of the Foreign Minister of the State of Qatar.

The statement noted that Khalifa Haftar’s declaration “rests on baseless claims” and that these claims reflect how much he underestimates the Libyan lives and minds.

“While the world’s efforts are focused on stopping bloodshed in Libya and fight the novel corona virus epidemic COVID-19, we witness the continuation of the militarization of the scene and the crackdown on civilians and the political track”, the statement read, accusing the Libyan armed forces of not taking into account the tragedy the Libyan people including their children, women, elders, domestically displaced people.

Earlier on Thursday the Libyan Natonal Army announced a humanitarian truce for the month of Ramadan, yet the truce was rejected by the Tripoli-based Presidential Council who insisted in continuing hostilities.

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