Tunisian Lawyer: Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Succeed in Dragging Tunisia into Libya Conflict – Al Marsad

Tunisian lawyer and human rights activist, Wafaa al-Shazli, said that thousands of mercenaries and militants have arrived in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, in order to support the Government of National Accord (GNA) headed by Fayez al-Sarraj. She stressed that the Tunisian people refuse all suspicious roles regarding permission for the GNA’s aircrafts to cross via Tunisian territories.

[Libya, 1 May 2020] – In a video interview with Egyptian Yawm 7 on Wednesday, Wafaa al-Shazli expressed her fears about the secret role of the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood movement which owns a security force parallel to the state institution’s forces, pointing out that the Tunisian people rejects any attempt to betray the state of Libya.

The Tunisian lawyer noted that she fears the weapons smuggling attempts to Sarraj forces, adding that these fears pushed the European Union to launch the Operation IRINI to monitor the arms embargo on Libya.

Al-Shazli stressed that the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood will not succeed in involving the Tunisian people into a military and armed conflict in Libya, indicating that the presence of armed militias belonging to the GNA in Tripoli affects the security and stability of Tunisia.

Moreover, the Tunisian attorney revealed that her country’s authorities had found documents proving the coordination between the Muslim Brotherhood group in Tunisia with the mother group of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, asserting that the Jasmine Revolution of 30 June in Tunisia saved Egypt and the whole region from Muslim Brotherhood plots.

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In the meantime, al-Shazli warned that the Muslim Brotherhood plot in Tunisia may attempt to threaten the sovereignty Tunisia following the signing of two agreements with Qatar and Turkey.

She noted that the Tunisian House of Representatives should have discussed the two agreements on Wednesday, but the discussion session was postponed, warning that Qatar seeks to control Tunisia via the investment fund it is planning to set up.

The Tunisian lawyer pointed out to the colonial period when Turkey invaded a number of North African countries, especially Tunisia, Libya and Algeria. The Ottoman Rule killed ten thousand Libyans from the al-Jawazi tribe.

In light of this, she called on the Libyan people to support the Libyan National Army (LNA) headed by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar in the war against Turkey.

The agreement signed between Sarraj and the GNA on one hand, and the Turkish regime on the other hand, violates international law and treaties, noting that the LNA vowed to end this non-state situation and chaos in Libya.

Wafaa al-Shazli expressed her fears that the security and stability of Tunisia may be influenced by the armed conflict running in Libya.

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