Turkish Affairs Expert: Erdogan Seeks to Exploit Tunisia’s Ennahda to Cross Turkish Arms to Libya – Al Marsad

Karam Saeed, a Tunisian expert on Turkish affairs, said that the support provided by Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to terrorist militias in Libya was political at the beginning. But after these terrorist militias suffered huge losses, the Turkish political support was turned into a comprehensive military support.

[Libya, 1 May 2020] – In exclusive remarks to the Egyptian satellite channel Extra News, Karam Saeed indicated that many Turkish soldiers have been killed in Libya. Due to huge losses that Erdogan’s forces had suffered in Tripoli it has resulting in growing criticism by Turkish opposition to Erdogan’s policy on military interference in Libya.

Moreover, he pointed out that Turkey attempted to exploit Algeria and to make it a crossing border to smuggle weapons to terrorist militias in Tripoli, yet the plan failed thanks to categorical by Algerian.

Saeed revealed that Turkey is now trying to use Tunisia as a crossing point for Turkish arms to Libya, taking advantage of the Tunisian Islamist Ennahda Movement’s privilege at the Tunisian Parliament to pass needed resolutions. The Ennahda party, led by Rachid Ghannouchi who is currently the Speaker of the Tunisian Parliament, is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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