UNSMIL Urges Libyan Parties to Resume Discussion with Joint Military Commission (5+5) – Al Marsad

The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) urged Libyan authorities to seize calls for ceasefire, including the Libyan National Army’s constructive statement in which it announced an armistice during Ramadan. It urged the Government of National Accord (GNA) to stop all military actions immediately and resume discussions with Joint Military Commission (5+5) through video conferencing if need be, in order to reach a permanent ceasefire based on the agreement draft proposed by the Mission on 23 February of the current year.

[Libya, 1 May 2020] – In its statement UNSMIL welcomed all initiatives that allow the suffering Libyan people to spend Ramadan in peace. The Mission urged all parties to refrain from any provocative actions or statements that threaten the possibility of achieving and sustaining a true armistice, including attempts to take advantage of the other party’s self-restraint in order to gain an advancement.

It also called on the member states that feed the conflict through sending arms and mercenaries, as well as the international community to use its reach to guarantee the arms embargo which was discussed during the Berlin conference and stated in law 2510 issued by the UN Security Council.

The UNSMIL noted that ensuring a permanent ceasefire is not dependent on the parties of the conflict alone, but also requires the commitment of the international community to strive towards achieving and sustaining peace and security in Libya.

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