Al-Heliq: International Community Must Withdraw Recognition from the GNA and Stop Turkish Invasion of Libya – Al Marsad

Sheikh al-Senussi al-Heliq Al-Zawi, the Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council of Libyan Sheikhs and Elders, said that the popular mandate was given by people and tribes to the Libyan armed forces, except by those from the western region where clashes are taking place. He adds that the mandate should be ratified by the House of Representatives (HOR) and the Supreme Council of Sheikhs and Notables of Libya, before heading to form a unified national government.

[Libya, 2 May 2020] – In exclusive statements to the Russian News Agency Sputnik on Thursday, Sheikh al-Senussi al-Heliq indicated that the second direction is represented in declaring a roadmap, the same that the President of the House of Representatives, Chancellor Aguila Saleh, announced, adding that this roadmap does not contradict the popular mandate, and that they both can work together.

Al-Heliq believes that the support of the plan from countries seeking stability in Libya and that their mandate was important. Moreover, in statements he made to Al-Ain News also on Thursday, he said he was surprised at the silence of the Arab and international community towards the Turkish interference into the Libya’s domestic affairs, and the violation of all international agreements and conventions.

He called on the African Union to interfere and stop the Turkish invasion through all international organizations, most importantly the United Nations, urging the League of the Arab States to hold an urgent session and announce necessary measures and steps to stop this invasion.

He also called on the international community to show support for the choices of the Libyan people who want to eliminate armed militias dominating their country and demand an end to the international recognition of the Government of National Accord, headed by Fayez al-Sarraj. He describes the GNA’s forces as: “militias bringing Syrian mercenaries under direct support from the terrorism-sponsor state of Turkey.”

Al-Heliq argued that the Libyan people have been left alone to face the Turkish invaders and terrorist groups on their territory amid an international ban on arms supplies. He said the Libyan people and their armed forces will continue resisting until the Turkish invaders and all militias are rooted out from Libya.

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