Algerian President: We Did Not Bring One Bullet Into Libya, and We Are Capable of Solving Its Crisis – Al Marsad

The Algerian president Abdel Majeed Tabun said that he regrets that the “Libyan brothers” are fighting during the month of Ramadan, and that there cannot be a resolution in Libya without the involvement of Algeria.

[Libya, 2 May 2020] – In an interview with Algerian media officials, as reported by Sputnik News, President Abdel Majeed Tabun said: “We were very close to resolving the Libyan crisis, but they did not allow us. All Libyan tribes support the Algerian solutions, and we are capable of solving the crisis.”

He emphasized that they support legitimacy and resolving the conflict in Libya as long as the resolution is truly Libyan without foreign interference, noting that Algeria has not brought into Libya any bullet, but only brought in food and medicine.

He also stressed that Algeria is capable of solving the Libyan crisis and will not abandon its brothers, adding: “The crisis cannot be solved by fighting but by going back to the discussion table as soon as today or tomorrow. We do not desire to see the blood of our brothers being shed.”

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