Erdogan Has List of 299 Prominent ISIS and al-Qaeda Leaders in Syria He Wants to Send to Libya – Al Marsad

An article published in Turkey Now on Friday revealed that the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is bent on pursuing his ambitions in Libya by destabilizing the country through the transfer of terrorist leaders from pro-Qaeda Nusra Front and ISIS organization to the capital city of Tripoli to support forces the so-called UN-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA).

[Libya, 2 May 2020] – According to the article Turkey has prepared a 229-name list in Syria of terrorists it wants to transfer them to Libya. The article disclosed that some of the listed names have already in Libya in February, while others are  preparing to move to Tripoli.

It also cited names other dangerous and prominent terrorists who are in Tripoli according to the Libyan National Army (LNA). These include:

1- The Egyptian terrorist Osama al-Sayed Qasim (also know as Abu al-Hareth al-Masri) who is on the wanted terrorist lists of a number of countries. He has was sentenced for 50 years in prison on charges of assassination of late President Mohamed Anwar al-Sadat. He is on the wanted list of the Egyptian security services on charges of several assassination attempts. He managed to flee to Libya in 2013 when he joined the Ansar al-Sharia organization in Benghazi. He then moved to Syria in 2016 after the Libyan National Army eliminated terrorist groups in the eastern part of Libya. In Syria, he became a leading and prominent figure of al-Nusra Front before heading to join Hayet Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), working for Turkish and Qatari intelligence apparatuses. He is now a a mercenary and is paid to work for the GNA in Libya.

2- Abdullah Mohamed al-Anzi (also known as Abu Mohamed al-Jazarawi) is a Saudi national born in 1993. He entered Syria via the Turkish border in 2015, joined ISIS, and became a fighter against the Syrian regular army in the countryside of Damascus and Homs. He went on to become an “Emir” of the militia Lions of Al-Adnani. Later he moved to the city of Azaz after the Syrian army had tightened the hold on ISIS in 2017 when he joined the Ahrar al-Sharqiya militia as a military commander. He is a dangerous terrorist wanted by several security forces. He has been brought to the capital, Tripoli, to fight alongside the forces of the GNA.

3- Yehia Taher Farghali (also known as Abu al-Farag al-Farghali) is an Egyptian and head of the legal office of the Ahrar al-Sham movement, which is affiliated to Al-Qaeda. He founded nine combat battalions under the name of Al-Fateh Brigades, most of which are now in Libya.

4- Bilal bin Youssef bin Mohamed Al-Shawashy (also known as Abu Yehia Zakaria), who is a Tunisian. He traveled from Tunisia to Libya in 2013 before reaching Turkey. From there he succeeded to go to Syria, in the city of al-Bab, to join al-Nusra Front. It was confirmed that he joined ISIS before he defected from the terrorist organization and fled to Turkey, following an arrest warrant issued by ISIS to detain him along with a large number of other ISIS members in North Africa. He is a dangerous terrorist who was hired to support the forces of the UN-recognised GNA.

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