Aguila Saleh Welcomes Libya-Washington Joint Communication – Al Marsad

During a phone call with US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland on Friday, Speaker of the House of Representatives (HOR), Chancellor Aguila Saleh, welcomed the recent joint and constructive communication between Libya and Washington, which he described as “important”.

[Libya, 3 May 2020] – According to the HOR’s Media Office, Chancellor Aguila Saleh indicated that the US Ambassador Richard Norland stressed the importance of observing the democratic process and continuing negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations.

He indicated that he discussed with Ambassador Norland the outcome of the Berlin Conference and the need for all stakeholders to fulfil their obligations not to intervene militarily in Libya.

Chancellor Aguila Saleh pointed out that the US Ambassador stressed the importance of combating terrorism and warned against the danger of providing a safe climate for terrorist organizations to regroup throughout Libya.

On his part, Chancellor Saleh stressed that the Government of National Accord (GNA) breached the humanitarian truce that the Libyan National Army (LNA) agreed to in Ramadan. “This is not the first time the GNA violates its commitments,” asserted Saleh, stressing his steadfast support for the LNA in its war against terrorism and mercenaries.

At the conclusion of the call, he welcomed the efforts of the international community to resolve the Libyan crisis, provided that any solution respects the will of the Libyan people. He also congratulated the US Ambassador on assuming his responsibilities in Libya.

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