Video: Sadiq al-Ghariani’s Followers Close Al-Khums Religious Endowment Office – Al Marsad

A group loyal to the radical Islamist cleric removed by the House of Representatives (HOR) Sadiq Al-Gharyani, closed the office of the General Authority for Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Al-Khums claiming the presence of “Madkhalis”, in reference to Salafis.

[Libya, 3 May 2020] – ON Sunday, a group of the so-called “National Assembly of February 17 Revolutionaries” closed the building with earthen berms accompanied by another group of armed men representing Operation Volcano of Anger Al-Khums branch.

The groups claimed that their action was in protest for the appointment by the General Authority for Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of the Government of National Accord (GNA) of an unsuitable director for the office in Al-Khums, accusing the Salafis of being an invalid group.

The group wrote on the building, “No to Madkhalis”, “Closed by Operation Volcano of Anger – Al-Khums”, “No for pretending Salafis”, “Closed by Al-Hawiyah Martyrs Battalion” and other phrases that unequivocally indicate the group’s ideology in addition to the so-called “National Assembly of February 17 Revolutionaries’ which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Last Thursday the same happened at Al-Zawiyah Awqaf Office as part of a campaign launched by several of Ghariani’s followers in the mosques, on the pretext of expelling all those they call “Madkhalis”. The hardliner Abdul-Razek Al-Bashti, the former director of Awqaf in Al-Zawiyah, led the campaign.

Many residents confirmed to Al Marsad that the targeted preachers and imams were among the staunchest opponents of the so-called Revolutionary Shura Councils in Benghazi and Derna associated with Al-Qaeda, meaning that the actions by Gharyani mobs were acts of revenge to settle scores.

Sadiq al-Ghariani and his assistant, Sami al-Saadi, the Shariah official of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), intensified last week their campaigns against the Salafis and the head of the GNA General Authority for Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Muhammad Ahmida Al-Abbani.

Sadiq al-Gharyani had recently issued a fatwa on the permissibility of suicide attacks by GNA fighters against its enemies. Both Gharyani and Sami al-Saadi also called for the release of prisoners from RADA jails, following the prison break in Surman and Sabratha by GNA gangs.

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