Al-Ghazwi Reveals how Turkish Drones Bombed Smugglers’ Fuel Trucks by Mistake – Al Marsad

The Commander of the Western Region Operations Group at the General Command, Major General Al-Mabrouk Al-Ghazwi, denied that the 7 fuel tanks targeted by the Turkish drones today, Monday, west of Qurayyat belonged to the Libyan National Army (LNA). Mohamed Qanunu claimed responsibility for the bombing and alleged the trucks were heading to Tarhouna.

[Libya, 4 May 2020] – Major General Al-Mabrouk Al-Ghazwi said in a special statement to Al Marsad that Turkish airstrikes mistakenly targeted 7 fuel tanks (diesel, gasoline, and kerosene) owned by smugglers after they exited Al-Zawiya Refinery passing through Al-Jabal Al-Gharbi to Daraj-Qurrayat road. “As stated by the Libyan Oil Corporation, smugglers control the refinery under the pretext of protecting it,” said Al-Ghazwi.

He added that the Turkish drones targeted the tanks on a dirt road used by smugglers in a remote desert area west of Qurayyat, indicating that the preliminary data showed they were heading to join smugglers in the south and not to Tarhouna.

Bombed smugglers’ trucks

“The Turkish bombing of the smugglers’ trucks working under the name of Fayez al-Sarraj militias by mistake, in addition to the previous bombing of egg and water tanks, testifies to the randomness of their work and their inability to distinguish between their friends and enemies on the ground or the military and the civilian. This is clear evidence of the control b the Turks of the Operation Room where they select the targets. Otherwise, their Libyan agents would have informed them that the trucks were friendly and were heading to their smuggler revolutionaries and are not hostile”

Al-Ghazwi pointed out that the smuggling gangs, especially in Al-Zawiya, are completely affiliated with the Government of National Accord (GNA) and are working closely through their militias which helped the GNA regain control of Sabratha and Surman with the full support of the Turkish air force, which is still supporting them in the vicinity of Al-Watiyah Airbase. “These smugglers criminals include Al-Qasab, Bija, and others,” said the Commander of the Western Region Operations Group.

He added: “As I pointed out, the bombing of the smugglers’ trucks by mistake is evidence of the lack of knowledge of those operating the drones in the Operations Room on the nature of the targets on the ground. In other words, those who control them are the Turks, not the Libyans. Otherwise, they would not have targeted the friendly smuggling militias, which could not have moved these tanks from Al-Zawiya to the deserts west of Qurayyat without coordination with a Libyan party in the room that guaranteed their safety, but the powers of the Turks overtook them. ”

Bombed trucks

Regarding the claims by GNA’s Colonel Muhammad Qanunu that the Turkish strikes targeted fuel supplies to the LNA, Major General Ghazwi said: “You have seen pictures of the strikes. There were numerous trucks lined up next to each other and moving in a contiguous manner, which is a manner the army can never adopt in such conditions such conflict areas.”

“It proves that those who moved the tanks believed they were safe from the drones of their Turkish master. As for Muhammad Qanunu, I do not know anyone by this name except a former pilot who retired from the army years ago to work as a chef for social occasions in Zliten,” said al-Ghazwi.

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