Al-Ghazwi: Martyr Osama Amseek at Al-Watiyah Followed the Path of His Uncle and Defeated Libya Dawn – Al Marsad

Major General Al-Mabrouk al-Ghazwi, Commander of the Western Region Operations Group at the LNA General Command paid tribute in his name and on behalf of all members of the Group, to Major Osama Amseek Al-Zintani, the Commander of the Protection Force of Uqba Bin Nafeh Airbase (Al-Watiyah), martyred with several of his comrades by Turkish airstrikes in today’s confrontations.

[Libya, 5 May 2020] – Maj. Gen. Al-Ghazwi said, “Major Osama Amseek, martyred by the Turkish enemy’s fire on the soil of the airbase named after the Arab hero Uqba Bin Nafeh, followed the path of his uncle, the hero Major General Fighter Abu Al-Qasim Amseek. He led his soldiers on the same path until his martyrdom with a bouquet of his fellow soldiers in the field of honour to prevent the evil forces of Libya Dawn from defiling it.”

He added: “We saw our hero Osama today as he was confronting the Turkish drones that aimed to control the base and thus shattered the illusions of the lunatic Recep before he was buried in the honorable soil of Zintan. We also knew his uncle, may God prolong his life, in 1981 as a hawk over the waters of the Gulf of Sirte until his plane fell. Then, the enemy targeted our positions martyring many of our comrades in those air and sea confrontations thus delineating with their noble blood the Libyan sovereignty over the Gulf of Sirte from the Qaradabiyah base as is the case with Osama in Uqba Bin Nafeh airbase.”

“This is an unparalleled pride for the martyr Osama and his family,” Maj. Gen. Al-Ghazwi asserted pointing out that Major Osama’s command of his fighters in the field while seeing the enemy’s drones over him indicates his courage, patriotism, and entrenched military ideology, which characterize the prestigious House of Amseek in Zintan, as he put it.

Major General Al-Ghazwi concluded by saying: “We are determined to continue the march until the realization of what Osama Amseek and his companions at Uqba Bin Nafeh have been fighting for since 2014. These sacrifices in the face of Turkish aggression with its arsenal and humiliating that crazy Recep, who was waiting yesterday for the good news, will not be in vain. Osama and his peers turned his dreams into a nightmare. This is a source of pride for the Libyan National Army (LNA) and all the Arabs, and a solace for us.”

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