Tunisian Party: Ghannouchi’s Actions Will Turn Tunisia into a Base for External Interference in Libya – Al Marsad

The Free Constitutional Party’s Block in the Tunisian Parliament prepared on Monday a draft resolution announcing the parliament’s rejection of foreign interference in Libya and its opposition to forming a logistical base within the Tunisian soil to facilitate this.

[Libya, 5 May 2020] – The Bloc, in its communication published by the Tunisian “Shams FM” radio, called for presenting this draft resolution to the plenary session for deliberation and approval as per the requirements of Chapter 141 of the Tunisian Parliament’s Bylaws.

It indicated that this decision came in the wake of the actions undertaken by the Speaker of the Parliament, Rachid Ghannouchi, and considered them vague and contrary to the laws and diplomatic norms. These included holding closed and unannounced meetings with the President of Turkey, whose country’s Parliament decided to intervene militarily in Libya, and making phone calls to him announced only by the foreign party with no transcript of their conversation.

The Bloc continued: “This comes against the backdrop of the Speaker’s attempt to pass economic agreements with Turkey and Qatar that involve an undeniable unambiguous expansionist desire and an assault on national sovereignty while the Parliament is not in session due to the coronavirus crisis. This raises suspicion and doubts and confirms fears of the hidden will of some organizations to convert Tunisian soil into a logistical base that facilitates external intervention operations in Libya,” as the statement put it.

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