Yusuf Katipoglu: Turkish Drones in Libya Provide GNA with Air Cover and Qualitative Advantage – Al Marsad

Yusuf Katipoglu, a Turkish politician close to the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK) in Turkey, said that his country is concerned with the developments in Libya based on the security agreement it signed with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA).

[Libya, 5 May 2020] – Yusuf Katipoglu said in a statement broadcast on Al-Tanasuh channel which belongs to the radical Islamic cleric Sadiq Gharyani, that the Turkish presence in Libya is according to the invitation by the GNA to be a deterrent force in the face of the LNA attack on the capital.

He went on to say: “Turkey has aborted the vicious schemes of regional countries. President Erdogan asserted in his speech that Turkey would remain in support of legitimacy represented by the GNA. There shall be no retreat in light of the positive results on the ground. Turkey’s position is principled and its support will continue and increase. This is the bottom line of Erdogan’s latest speech.”

He indicated that Erdogan referred to the expectation of important news from Libya stating that some qualitative operations are in the pipeline while drones were sent to gather intelligence. “Armed drones are there to provide air cover and superiority,” argued Yusuf Katipoglu.

He also pointed out that Erdogan indicated that there will be surprises before Eid Al-Fitr. “The well-thought plans feature further expansion, control, and infliction of defeats on the terrorists east of Libya in light of the retreat of Haftar’s militias (Libyan armed forces) after the GNA victories,” claimed the pro-Erdogan Turkish politician.

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