LNA Denies Targeting Embassies and Diplomatic Headquarters in Tripoli – Al Marsad

The General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) confirmed in a statement that it pledged during its advance towards Tripoli to protect diplomatic headquarters, such as foreign embassies and the headquarters of international bodies and missions in the capital, as well as the headquarters of foreign companies and state institutions.

[Libya, 8 May 2020] – The LNA General Command indicated that it made the above mentioned pledge for two reasons. The first is that the armed forces carry out their operations to protect the country and its guests from terrorism and criminal gangs to demonstrate to the Libyans and the international community that they are fighting for peace, security, and stability.

The second reason is the certain knowledge of the General Command that terrorist gangs do not hesitate to commit heinous crimes and acts against foreign embassies and international bodies to pit international public opinion against the armed forces and the goals of its war against terrorist and criminal gangs, revealing that targeting some embassies in Tripoli yesterday comes in this framework.

In its statement, the army leadership categorically denied carrying out these attacks that contravene international conventions, laws, and customs, reminding all stakeholders that over the past years and before Operation Flood of Dignity began, the foreign embassies and missions were targets of assault, theft, and looting by the militias controlling the capital, as the General Command’s statement asserted.

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