Misrata Municipality Objects to Repatriates from Turkey Entering Libya; Libyan Embassy Says Mishri is to Blame – Al Marsad

The committee for combating coronavirus in Misrata said in a letter addressed to the Foreign Ministry of the Government of National Accord that there were 9 citizens on one of the repatriation flights from Istanbul who boarded the flight without PCR testing, pointing out that swabs were taken from these citizens for to test for COVID19 and they were sent to their hometown and their passports confiscated.

[Libya, 8 May 2020] – The committee for combating coronavirus in Misrata stressed that what happened was a violation of common practice and agreed-upon procedure on repatriation, adding that this incident shows recklessness towards citizens health and safety.

The committee held the GNA’s Foreign Ministry, airlines, and the Libyan embassy in Istanbul fully responsible for any COVID19 spread that may consequently happen, stressing that the municipality will stop all repatriation flights if such violations persist.

The Libyan Embassy in Istanbul responded to the incident of the 9 citizens, explaining that their repatriation followed a call from the Chairman of the High Council of State Khaled al-Mishri to the Chairman of the Libyan Repatriation Committee on allowing who he called the “family of a martyr” consisting of a martyr’s mother and family members to enter Libya to attend the “martyr’s” burial. Al Marsad was able to confirm that these 9 citizens are the family of Firas al-Sallouqi from Zawiya city—nicknamed “The Savage”. 


Firas al-Sallouqi “The Savage” was wanted by the Attorney General for human trafficking, crime and smuggling. He took part in the terrorist attack on Al-Watiyah last week and was killed by the LNA forces.

The Embassy stressed that Mishri requested that this family be allowed to board a plane from Istanbul Airport while ensuring that health precautions would be taken at the airport of Misrata, explaining that what happened on this flight was an exception made upon a request from high authorities in the country that ensured that the mentioned citizens would be received and taken through the necessary health procedures to follow their condition.

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