Al-Heliq to US Ambassador: Oil Fields Will Reopen Once the Invaders Withdraw from Tripoli – Al Marsad

Deputy Chairman for Oil in the Supreme Council of Libyan Sheikhs and Elders, Sheikh al-Senussi al-Heliq Al-Zawi, responded to the requests of the US Embassy in Libya to resume the operation of the oil fields.

[Libya, 8 May 2020) – In special statements to the Russian Sputnik News Agency on Thursday, Al-Heliq stated he would welcome the reopening of oil fields after meeting the demands of the Libyan people.

“The first demand is for the National Oil Corporation (NOC) to return to its headquarters in Benghazi and to change its Chair and members of the Board of Directors,” said Al-Heliq.

The second demand is for the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) to return to the eastern region, especially that Tripoli is not safe anymore, along with changing its board of directors.

The third demand, according to Al-Heliq, would be the withdrawal of the “invading” forces from Tripoli, as he put it.

He stressed that all stakeholders remain open to discussing the issue of negotiations to resolve the current crisis and that the sheikhs, notables, and tribes of Libya, in coordination with the General Command and the House of Representatives (HOR), are ready to discuss the reopening of the oil fields after the fulfilment of its demands.

According to Al-Heliq, the closure of the oil fields was to dry up the financing sources of the mercenaries and terrorist groups, especially as the oil sale proceeds went to terrorist groups and the weapons that killed the Libyan people.

Al-Heliq, stressed the need to work on political consensus and the formation of a national unity government that all stakeholders can support, adding that the Skhirat Political Agreement caused all the disasters that Libya went through during the past years and that it has an external agenda to auction Libya and its people for the highest bidder from among other countries.

Deputy chairman for oil in the Supreme Council of Libyan Sheikhs and Elders for the oil sector highlighted the need to end the Skhirat Political Agreement expeditiously and form a government agreed upon by Libyans themselves and not to make the mistake of the Skhirat crisis again by imposing a government that has an external agenda.

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