Amna Emtair: The Media Storm Around Al-Wahshi’s Family is Meant to Cover Up Failure to Test Other People – Al Marsad

Member of the High Council of State and a leading member of the the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Justice and Construction political party, Amna Emtair defended the family of the “martyr” Firas al-Sallouqi, nicknamed Al-Wahshi or “The Savage” who returned to Libya on one of the repatriation flights from Istanbul without being PCR tested for the new coronavirus. 

[Libya, 8 May 2020] – According to a post on her personal Facebook page, Amna Emtair was on a call on Wednesday with Al-Wahshi’s family, and she said that the family informed that once they were in Turkey, the Turkish authorities administered the necessary tests to the family members and quarantined them for 20 days, after which they were retested by the Turks.

She added: “When they landed in Misrata, they were asked for the Libyan test forms (the tests administered by the Libyan embassy), and the Turkish tests were not taken into consideration as they are not under the supervision of the Embassy. This is very strange, given that the Turkish quarantine is extremely strict, more so than the Libyan quarantine in a hotel where people are frequently added to the quarantine.”

She also stressed that Al-Wahshi’s family consisted of 6 members only, and that there are 3 other individuals who were not tested and yet were not mentioned by the authorities in an attempt to distract the media from them. 

She ended her post, saying: “The Chairman of the High Council of State Khaled al-Mishri intervened to ensure that they board the first flight home so the mother who sacrificed her son for Tripoli can lay a final look at him. We thank everyone who honored the Libyan fighters, dead or alive.”

Firas al-Sallouqi “The Savage” was wanted by the Attorney General for human trafficking, crime and smuggling. He took part in the terrorist attack on Al-Watiyah last week and was killed by the LNA forces.

Additionally, the Committee for Combating coronavirus in Misrata said in a letter to the GNA’s Foreign Ministry that there were 9 citizens on one of the repatriation flights from Istanbul who boarded the plane without PCR testing. They explained that a swab was taken from them to administer the test and ensure they are free of the coronavirus, and that they were taken to their hometown where their municipalities can deal with them, after their passports were confiscated until the test results return. The committee stressed that the incident is considered a violation of common practice and agreed-upon procedures regarding repatriation, and a disregard for citizens’ health and safety.

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