Fake News: GNA’s Al-Hashimi Says Story of Murder of Al-Tawati Family by the LNA was False – Al Marsad

After bloggers and commentators asked for photos and death certificates of the victims, the Media Advisor for the Ministry of Health of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Amin Al Hashemi, backtracked on the story he had originally announced on Friday evening that a missile strike by the Libyan Armed forces had killed 4 members of a family in Ain Zara as they were eating breakfast. He admitted that the news he had circulated was false.

[Libya, 9 May 2020] – Media outlets and journalists  loyal to the GNA regime, including Amin Al-Hashimi himself, had announced on Friday the killing of 4 members of the Al-Tawati family, including a girl named Laila. The official page of the so-called ‘Volcano of Anger’ was the first to announce the fake news. The report hads accused Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and the Libyan National Army of being responsible for the deaths by bombing their house with a missile strike.

Al-Hashimi said that the news he published, and of which he accused “Haftar’s militias”, turned out to be incorrect and was based on a communication with Dar Al-Rahmah at the University Medical Hospital that Al-Tawati family members had passed away due to the bombing of their house.

“The news went viral, and accordingly we published it based on the communication submitted to Dar Al-Rahmah. However, after contacting all field hospitals in Ain Zara, it became clear that the news was fake and the report was false,” said Al-Hashimi.

When Al-Hashimi had hinted on Friday about a fake tragedy that struck a fake family during Iftar, the news spread and reached Al-Jazeera channel in Qatar, which hurried to publish the report. However, Al-Hashimi then blatantly denied the authenticity of the news he published without any verification or even corpses.

This is not the first fake news of civilian deaths that was later found to be based on fake or non existent names names. In several cases the deaths or injuries were by mistake, such as those injured at the Abu Salim ammunition explosion who were declared as if they were injured in direct bombing. Several other cases have been exploited by the GNA’s Ministry of Health through its spokesperson, who is also a presenter at the Islamist Al-Tanasuh channel which belongs to Sadiq al-Gharyani, for political and military propaganda.

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