Syrian Official: Erdogan Decided to Rid his Borders of Terrorism and Mercenaries, Invested Them in Libya Instead – Al Marsad

A member of the Syrian parliament Mohammed Fawwaz said that the Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan knows exactly the “scorpions”, or the terrorism and mercenaries he has nurtured which one day will sting him. Erdogan has decided to rid his borders of it and invest it in Libya instead for political and economic gains.

[Libya, 9 May 2020] – In a private statement to the Egyptian Al Dostor on Thursday, Mohammed Fawwaz said: “Erdogan is not concerned with whether some or all of the extremists are killed. As a condition of his continuous support, they must follow his orders, otherwise they will no longer receive any supplies. This way, far away from his borders, he can stay safe from their mutiny and the tail of the scorpion is of less danger to his country.”

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