El-Daghili: No Deal With Those Who Ally with Terrorists and Implement the Turkish Occupation Project – Al Marsad

Libya’s former representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Dr Salwa El-Daghili, confirmed that Egypt has aligned with the party that fights terrorism and extremism in Libya and helped the Libyan National Army (LNA) against those who prevent the establishment of a real state. Dr El-Daghili added that Egypt aims to achieve security for the two neighbouring countries, especially after the Muslim Brotherhood, in coordination with Ansar Al-Sharia and other extremist groups along with Qatari and Turkish intelligence, tried at the end of 2013 to deal a blow to Egyptian interests in Libya. However, Operation Dignity and the uprising of the people of Cyrenaica thwarted their project, as she put it.

[Libya, 11 May 2020] – Dr Salwa El-Daghili, in exclusive statements to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustour yesterday, said: “The Turkish role aims to prolong the presence of the group belonging to Misrata and the Islamic groups embodied in the expired government of the President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, and thus impede the possibility of unifying the Libyan state. Therefore, there is no possibility to make a deal with those who ally with terrorists and are part of the Turkish occupation project. Turkey’s support for them is not only in favour of its interests, but in service of a project by several countries that allowed Turkey to supply this stray group with weapons, mercenaries, and terrorists to perpetuate their control of Libya.”

She also argued that the Muslim Brotherhood has no base in Libya. “The people rejected them in all previous elections and for this reason, they turned against the people’s will in the 2014 elections and created a parallel authority supported by an external project that had been coordinating with them from the start of the events in 2011.”

The former representative of Libya to the United Nations in Geneva affirmed that the Muslim Brotherhood is an obstacle to the establishment of any state and not only Libya because their ideology runs counter to the logic of the national state. “They are in permanent rivalry with the people, no matter how they camouflage, and cannot impose themselves except through coordination with external parties. Perhaps the Turkish and Tunisian role is an embodiment of the logic of the existence of this group. Their ideological affiliation has been with the Muslim Brotherhood project in Tunisia and Erdogan’s political Islamist agenda, which reflects the existence of a joint project for the region managed by a common mindset and in full coordination among these groups regardless of their nationalities,” concluded El-Daghili.

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