Libyan Foreign Ministry: LNA Denies Targeting Diplomatic Headquarters in Tripoli – Al Marsad

The Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it reviewed the statements issued by both the UN mission in Libya and the EU regarding the recent attacks on the area of foreign embassies in Tripoli on the 7th of May.

[Libya, 11 May 2020] – According to the Ministry’s press office, the Ministry explained in its statement that the Libyan National Army completely deny targeting diplomatic headquarters in the capital city of Tripoli, and considers such actions to be in violation of international accords, laws, and customs.

The Ministry also pointed out the armed forces’ decision to advance into Tripoli immediately to protect diplomatic premises such as embassies and headquarters of international authorities and missions in Tripoli, as well as foreign corporations and state institutions. Furthermore, the leadership of the armed forces stressed that what is happening is a violation only practiced by terrorist militias and foreign mercenaries in Tripoli in a desperate attempt to cause chaos, especially since these militias have refused the humanitarian armistice, which indicates that they continue in their acts of aggression that violate all international laws, customs and accords.

The Ministry also stressed that the armed forces aim to protect the country and its citizens and guests from terrorism and criminal mafias to prove to Libyans and the international community that it is fighting for the sake of peace, secutiry, and stability and to put an end to chaos created by arms, militias and outlaw groups.

The statement also noted: “It is important that the international community, especially the UN mission and the EU, condemns blatant Turkish intervention in Libya and the massacres that took place in Misrata, Surman, Rajna and Aljmail at the hands of the Turkish colonizer and his mercenaries, as well as the siege of Tarhouna and bombing of civilians in Qasr bin Ghashir, convoys of food items in Alasaba and Bani Walid, and convoys of fuel heading for civilian citizens, in addition to killing even animals and other crimes that can be considered war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the aim of the Libyan people and the armed forces is to liberate the capital city from terrorism, militias, outlaw groups, and foreign mercenaries, and to end the Turkish aggression on Libya in order to establish a civil democratic state, of laws and institutions for all Libyans, free from chaos, arms and terrorism.

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