Mishri Says No To Dialogue with Aguila and Haftar, Calls for More Cooperation with Turkey and Qatar – Al Marsad

The head of the advisory High Council of State Khaled Al-Mishri, a key member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party (JCP), said that the Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, aims to stir up public opinion and force everyone to go to negotiations and dialogue, indicating that they had not agreed to any kind of dialogue since 4 April.

[Libya, 11 May 2020] – Khaled al-Mishri affirmed during a phone call yesterday on Libya Al-Ahrar, a channel that broadcasts from Turkey and funded by Qatar, that any dialogue with the House of Representatives (HOR) whether the “legitimate one in Tripoli” (parallel HOR) or “the remnants of the HOR in Tobruk” (the Libyan elected parliament) will not take place in any way or form unless the “aggression” (the advance of the armed forces to the capital) ends first.

He stressed their rejection of any dialogue now, whether with the HOR Speaker, Aguila Saleh, or those who supported the “aggression”, pointing out that the Council held meetings recently with the President of the Presidential Council, Hammouda Siala, Siddik Al-Kabir, and all sides in a bid to stop the current rivalries.

Khaled al-Mishti meeting with the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, Siddik al-Kabir.

Al-Mishri expressed his regret about the deep contradictions between the state’s institutions. “These fake differences are part of the scheme.

Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant and gather all the important institutions on one dialogue table to resolve all differences,” argued the head of the advisory High Council of State.

He said: “In our statement, we indicated that the absolute priority is to focus on the war effort and that any other matter is trivial. We will rely on the powers conferred upon us under the political agreement in managing the political process in the transitional period. The issue of national security is one of the important issues assigned to the Council and will not allow innocents lives to be part of a game. We will not remain silent regarding any default.”

Al-Mishri demanded the Presidential Council to impose the harshest penalties on the military personnel of the Government of National Accord (GNA), who are not present on the front, pointing to the need to improve military coordination with what he described as the “allies”—Turkey and Qatar.

“Unfortunately, the source of these problems is the confused priorities of the Presidential Council. While the Presidential Council talks about the monopoly of powers in some institutions, the decision-making process in the Presidential Council itself should engage all those concerned. The issue of Libya and the war is not the privy of the Presidential Council only, but the State, the representatives, and the competent ministries as well,” asserted al-Mishri.

Al-Mishri also accused the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, Field Marshal Haftar, of trying to stir up public opinion against what he described as the “revolution and the civil state” by bombing civilians. “However, he would not succeed. We need to focus on pushing the attacking forces (the Libyan armed forces) back beyond the range of Grad missiles of 40 km,” claimed Al-Mishri.

In conclusion, he stressed the Presidential Council should shoulder their responsibilities; otherwise, they would give them to those who can, indicating that the coming days will see good news because the response will be earth-shattering and decisive, as he put it.

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