Omeish Reveals the Muslim Brotherhood’s Role in Filing a Case in the US Against Haftar, Nayed and Jaroushi – Al Marsad

Esam Omeish, a leading figure in the global Muslim Brotherhood network in the United States where it operates under the veneer of licensed civil political organizations, revealed his connection and that of his group to the cases filed under the guise and name of Libyan families against four Libyan figures, namely Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, Dr. Aref Nayed, Major General Saqr Al-Jaroushi, and Major Mahmoud Al-Warfalli.

[Libya, 11 May 2020] – Esam Omeish said in a televised intervention on Libya Panorama channel, the media arm of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Justice and Construction Party (JCP): “We filed these cases in the State of Virginia and condemnation of the criminal was almost a certainty because we included therein the serious crimes he committed against civilians. The court was about to issue its judgment in absentia because the crimes were undeniable. However, due to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the court suspended its review of the case. The pending cases delayed the matter further and we asked for another pleading, did our best, and we are now awaiting the judge’s ruling.”

Omeish was referring to the summons issued by the court over the past two days addressed to the defendants in the case (Haftar–Nayed–Jaroushi–Warfali). Specific Libyan media outlets linked to the Muslim Brotherhood spread the news of the case.

Omeish, who is one of the supporters and sympathisers of the so-called Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council (BRSC) which was led by the terrorist Wissam bin Hamid said: “The summons were for the war criminals, whether Haftar, Nayed that politically supports him, provides him with cover, and maintains its connections with the criminal UAE regime, al-Warfalli, and al-Jaroushi. The court in Washington DC indicted them and thus issued these summons to attend before it,” he claimed.

Regarding the political exploitation of these cases in favour of one of the parties to the conflict, as Omeish claimed that they are filed by the families of the victims yet his brother Mohamed Omeish is an advisor in the Presidential Council, Esam said: “This is a judicial or human rights effort parallel to our effort in which the institutions that have done this work cooperate. We want to see criminalization of these people before the US courts to help us prosecute these criminals.”

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“The clear message that must be invested politically and diplomatically is that Haftar and whoever represents him (Nayed) and who follows him are not part of any political solution that would regain the stability of Libya and help it exit the quagmire of war and fighting. We cannot allow the international discourse to equate the executioner and the victim and deal with a war criminal who committed flagrant crimes, killed civilians, and demolished civilian facilities, as just a mere part of a conflict and a political resolution thereof,” added Omeish.

“We need to convince the US government and the c(UNSMIL) that Haftar is unfit to be a partner for peace and construction of a sustainable civil state. This is just a step that requires further effort. We need to find the Libyan parties within the one Libyan family with which we can reach a common understanding, whether in the Libyan east or west, or other components of the Libyan fabric,” concluded Omeish.

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